What to bring  to Kindy

Please ensure your child is wearing suitable clothing for painting, play dough, water/messy play etc.  We ask that they are wearing easily managed clothes for toileting purposes.

clearly named bag for your child to carry containing the following items:

 A named, easy-to-open lunch / morning tea box with tasty and healthy snacks including fruit, sandwiches etc. but no lollies, sweets, gum, chocolate, yoghurt or food which requires heating please.  We encourage independence from the children so please remove wrappers, cut fruit into manageable pieces etc.

 A named, easy-to-open drink bottle containing water (no fizzy drinks, juice or milk please)

 A full change of clothes (including underwear) in a plastic bag.

 A named sun hat must be worn in summer in accordance with our sun protection policy

Please ensure that you put sun block on your child before you arrive at Kindy. We have additional sun block at Kindy and will put more on your child if necessary.

If your child requires medication please do not leave it in their bag. Please bring it directly to the office where it will be safely stored and administrated in accordance with our medication policy.

Please do not bring along any toys, soft toys or cuddlies for your child as this may cause extreme anxiety if the item goes missing at Kindy